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Custom Suits

The Style Gallery is a concept store that re-defines masculine style and celebrates the art of being a man. Inspired by the refinement of Italian culture, we bring on the Romanian market the first and only innovative concept, due to disrupt the classic offer for men fashion & style services.

Our service portfolio is built to provide a 360º experience concerning style, elegance and refinement.

The Style Gallery binds the art of wearing a distinct suit with the art of display a gallant look, which inspires and draws admiration, at the same time.

We provide custom made, customized services, having the purpose of allowing every man to enhance his own style with the image that represent him.

Our range of integrated services provides men with the true meaning of Gentleman`s Style, because it both satisfies the quality and elegance requirements regarding apparel and those of style and refinement, regarding personal care.

In the same location, our customers may benefit of a Made to Measure outfit, achieved by exceptional quality materials, our suppliers being on top 5 on the worldwide market of textiles; Ready to Wear outfits that may provide within the shortest time possible an elegant and unique style, and certainly a distinct appearance, which is provided by the Barber Shop by Style Gallery experts.

Our mission is to deliver “haute couture” for each customer who visits us.